Terms and condition

Terms and condition

DigitalMaxpro is one of those internet marketing services which have maintained a discipline work principle in order to successfully establish as a brand new fast emerging SEO company. Every small or big software firm has their own terms and conditions, DigitalMax pro also has no exception. Legally, the company has the rights to let its overseas clients know the company terms and condition when they deal with the services.

Mutual understanding of both the service provider and the business owner will make the difference when they sign the agreement deal and therefore agree with the terms and conditions of the company. The rule and principles are equal for every business enterprise and before explain it in details let us sum up how DigitalMaxpro notify its valuable clients what to expect and how to work under the dotted agreement terms and condition.

When any company deals with its global clients there are some guidelines for them which they have to abide by. Violet the terms and condition or breach of conduct will be imposed on them under the law of DigitalMaxpro Company. Anyone who breaks the rule will deserve severe offense and the company has the legal rights to lodge a case under the regulation enforcement law guidelines.

DigitalMaxpro never encourages any third party involvement when the deal was made and maintains a professional work ethics in any of the offer services. The company rule and norms have to maintain by the clients and in case they misuse or steal some business information intentionally then the company will take necessary action against them and make them aware the law and consumer act guidelines.

Digital Maxpro never makes any fake assurance on offer services and if any leak of information happens then it has the power and legal rights to lodge a consumer case to the accused client. For the sign agreement deadlines any misbehavior or violation the code of conduct the company will strictly look at the offense that was done by the clients. If they found guilty then legally DigitalMaxpro will have the backing to take legal action against the clients and break the deal with immediate effect.

Company reputation is always come first and if anyone intentionally tries to unsettle the company reputation then the company will respond like it terminates the legal deal without any explanation or reasons of agreement to be discontinued. The continuation relationship between both parties will stay as long as the agreement deal is worked and after the expiration, both the clients and service provider can renew the contract if everything goes well. However, if any clients have disrespects or showing displeasure about the deal then any moment the company can legally discontinue the services to them.

The company is not responsible for any kind of thefts or leakage of business information. DigitalMaxpro has made it clear that if anyone violet the terms and conditions of the company then it will take necessary legal action against the offender and legally can lodge a complaint about the offense.