Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

DigitalMaxpro is one of the rapid fast internet marketing services companies that strictly follow the SEO guidelines in their result driven work. The company has its norms and rules to undertake by all its present and future clients. DigitalMaxpro has maintained a improve customers conversion by ethically apply the SEO concepts and stay away from black hat technique. Well, the company has set its future plans to reach the pinnacle of business success by following the privacy and policies of the company.

When any new client approaches the DigitalMaxpro Company they will have to undertake and agrees on the terms and conditions for future benefits. The rule and regulation policy will apply to all the clients and if anyone violet the rules then the company will take a tough decision on the account of violating the company norms.

Confidentiality :

We at DigitalMaxpro welcome every businesses or client to approach us for their business to grow. We also have the pleasure to help their concern business to rise with effective business strategy. We make sure that every business or clients who prefer our services should keep their privacy confidential. Privacy of the businesses is indeed our top priority and we make every possible way to ensure our clients do not find any issue when we serve them the services.

We respect your gratitude and eagerness in our services and we assure you that your name and details information will not be shared to any third party association. We keep all details in under the wrap and it is our work ethics to understand your business privacy.

Security :

We believe that client’s information should be kept confidential for security purpose. We won’t reveal your name or business details as per as our norms and work principles. We ensure that no one can steal your business information and we are ready to protect your privacy making it a more secure option to keep the business relationship continue to grow. We undertake immense pride in restoring your privacy and make your business do prolific and rapid fast progress.

Terms :

By using the term or website you are certain and agree with our rules and norms. You are clearly notified about responsible for compliance with its terms and conditions. We respect your business stand and do every possible way to help your business stay on top over a period of time. If you violet any of our rule and norms then we have to see the extent of offense you did to our services and as an offense, you are prohibited or restricted to use our website. The materials of this website are meant for copyright and trademark law.

User Behavior :

To access the website unless you write an email regarding website accessibility you will not allow using any website information as it is against our work principles. Sharing website information to other third parties also acts like an offense and unacceptable.

Privacy Policy :

We will render and use personal information prior to what the law and policy work. We will only retain personal information as long as the agreement signed by both parties. Once the agreement is expired the clients have an option to agree on the renewal of the contract. We will always an emphasis on our client’s betterment and DigitalMaxPro may change some laws from time to time.