Google Adwords

Google Adwords

Google ad words are most the most affiliated and effective advertisement campaign owned by Google. It is the online marketing service where the marketer can easily connect or get business and instantly make customers engage their brand or offer services. When someone searches any specific products or relevant to their business, Google will enlist a series of business ads that will display in the top and bottom results mainly are ads which will be featured ads.

There are many featured ads that generally make customers interested like search ads, display ads, shopping ads etc. Search ads maximize customers’ engagement as this type of ads mostly people search while they want to look for ads which they can find in Google searches and accordingly the list will appear in organic search results. For example, if someone searches the best hotel offers in Delhi then Google will show a list of searches that will display and make them know which order or sequence it will first appear on the organic results.

Search ads are generally worked for targeting your geography location where you are currently staying on. The relevance of your business or searches like you cannot search ads which are not relevant to your business like, if you search best hotels offer in Delhi location then the ads list will only show the nearby location of Delhi. Therefore relevance of ads prior to the business requirement is essential.

The landing page also a key element like how relevant or similarity of what you search also depend upon your conversion rate, landing page quality assurance etc. If your competitor and you both are equally bid the same or level in terms of sameness in searches then who have higher bid will get preference and get the maximum advantages. The quality score also depends upon all the above factors which are responsible for the outcome or results that go either way.

Display ads are like searchers do not look for what is ads offers. But on the basis of keywords, audience interest and demands Google will show them to you. For the case of keywords, keywords optimization for ads Google will place certain keywords like social media marketing, and then Google will show the content of the website which has content on the selected topic. Placements of ads are like which website you want to see your ads will appear. Basically, the relevance of what you want the ads will appear on the display ads. Topics that you are chosen will be specified and are grouped in a sequence order. Therefore the job for advertiser far easier to realize what their business actually needs.

For shopping ads, you have to open an account with Google merchant center and set up an account with Google ad words and link them together resulting ads to be effective and submit updated product data every 30 days to Google merchant center. It matches the search query and displays relevant ads to the user.

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